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Keep your produce and packaged foods fresh, with our line of refrigeration displays. From flat top orchard bins to upright display cases, we have the perfect solution to help extend your shelf life. Call us today at 833.847.6355 to improve and refresh your store!

Upright Display Case

Self Contained Upright Displays

Self-contained fixtures represent a great, flexible solution for impulse sales, evolving the in-store customer experience and adding or extending fresh product categories. The benefits of self-contained equipment historically came with a penalty of high energy, noise and heat output and a compromise in merchandising display area in comparison to remote fixtures. 


Cold Wall Merchandiser

“Fresh” is not a goal, it’s our commitment

Cold Wall Merchandisers present the ideal solution for your merchandising needs offering freezer and refrigerator combinations within the same cabinet. Each merchandiser has a thermostat that adjusts from -10°F to 38°F; giving you the flexibility you need and the energy efficiency you demand. Additionally, each unit can be configured as a freezer only unit. 

Warming Merchandiser

There’s nothing like homemade tortillas!

The lingering aroma of hot, fresh tortillas is just what your bakery needs to increase impulse sales. Thermell’s Warming Merchandisers are designed to keep the aroma of fresh, warm tortillas wafting through out your bakery department all day long. 

Refrigerated Orchard Bin

Because the Right Temperature is Critical

Fresh and vibrant fruit sells! Keeping fresh cut fruit and berries at the right temperature is critical to your bottom line. Reduce shrink and increase sales in your fresh departments with Thermell’s Critical Temp Refrigerated Orchard Bins. Each unit comes standard with an evaporation system to eliminate condensate during use. Bins are available in a full range of sizes, styles and finish options to perfectly match your store’s décor.

Specialty Unit

Unique Ideas for Creative Merchandising

What’s for dinner has never been easier or more convenient! Thermell’s Specialty Merchandisers make it easy for you to put quick, flavorful meal ideas together for your customers. The refrigerated base of the unit keeps fresh meat and produce cold while the top shelves display recipes, condiments and additional ingredients. 

Polar Vault

Helping you beat the summer heat!

Customer favorite! Keep your favorite beverages ice cold with the Polar Vault! Cooler can be used inside or outside. Cooler is built using commercial grade refrigeration components and designed to operate in extreme heat. Temperature range is -10°F to 38°F degrees. Optional custom color graphics available.

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